Free Medieval Browser Game - Time of Castles

Item Database

In our Online Medieval Browser Game there are a huge variety of items. These are seperated into categories and listed below:


Bronze Dagger
Bronze Axe
Bronze Mace
Bronze Shortsword
Bronze Halberd
Bronze Longsword
Bronze Glaive
Bronze Two-handed Sword
Iron Dagger
Iron Axe
Iron Mace
Iron Shortsword
Iron Halberd
Iron Longsword
Iron Glaive
Iron Two-Handed Sword
Steel Dagger
Steel Axe
Steel Mace
Steel Shortsword
Steel Halberd
Steel Longsword
Steel Glaive
Steel Two-Handed Sword
Mithril Dagger
Mithril Axe
Mithril Mace
Mithril Shortsword
Mithril Halberd
Mithril Longsword
Mithril Glaive
Mithril Two-Handed Sword
Decorated Steel Dagger
Decorated Steel Axe
Decorated Steel Mace
Decorated Steel Shortsword
Decorated Steel Halberd
Decorated Steel Longsword
Decorated Steel Glaive
Decorated Steel Two-Handed Sword
Diamond Tipped Steel Dagger
Diamond Tipped Steel Axe
Diamond Tipped Steel Mace
Diamond Tipped Steel Shortsword
Diamond Tipped Steel Halberd
Diamond Tipped Steel Longsword
Diamond Tipped Steel Glaive
Diamond Tipped Steel Two-Handed Sword
Assassins Dagger
Magicians Sword
Damascan Steel Axe
Damascan Steel Shortsword
Damascan Steel Longsword
Damascan Steel Two-Handed Sword
White Steel Axe
White Steel Shortsword
White Steel Longsword
White Steel Two-Handed Sword
Sword of Bzzz
Sword of Bzzz [Unique]
Sword of WinterLace
Sword of WinterLace [Unique]
Wooden Stick


Leather Cap
Leather Shoulder Padding
Leather Gloves
Leather Coat
Leather Trousers
Leather Boots
Bronze Greaves
Bronze Gauntlets
Bronze Shoulder Amour
Bronze Helmet
Bronze Thigh Armour
Bronze Breast Plate
Iron Greaves
Iron Gauntlets
Iron Shoulder Armour
Iron Helmet
Iron Thigh Armour
Iron Breast Plate
Steel Greaves
Steel Gauntlets
Steel Shoulder Armour
Steel Helmet
Steel Thigh Armour
Steel Breast Plate
Mithril Greaves
Mithril Gauntlets
Mithril Shoulder Armour
Mithril Helmet
Mithril Thigh Armour
Mithril Breast Plate
Decorated Steel Greaves
Decorated Steel Gauntlets
Decorated Steel Shoulder Armour
Decorated Steel Helmet
Decorated Steel Thigh Armour
Decorated Steel Breast Plate
Diamond Tipped Greaves
Diamond Tipped Gauntlets
Diamond Tipped Shoulder Armour
Diamond Tipped Helmet
Diamond Tipped Thigh Armour
Diamond Tipped Breast Plate
Legends Helmet
Legends Breast Plate
Damascan Steel Greaves
Damascan Steel Gauntlets
Damascan Steel Shoulder Armour
Damascan Steel Helmet
Damascan Steel Thigh Armour
Damascan Steel Breast Plate
White Steel Greaves
White Steel Gauntlets
White Steel Shoulder Armour
White Steel Helmet
White Steel Thigh Armour
White Steel Breast Plate

General Items

Gold - Good Purity
Bronze Bar
Iron Bar
Steel Bar
Mithril Bar
Gold Bar
Silver Bar
Santa Hat 2007
Limestone Block
Sandstone Block
Basalt Block
Granite Block
Marble Block
Willow Beam
Ash Beam
Oak Beam
Willow Arrow Shaft
Ash Arrow Shaft
Oak Arrow Shaft
Bronze Arrow Tips
Iron Arrow Tips
Steel Arrow Tips
Silver Pendant
Gold Pendant
Silver Ring
Gold Ring
Silver Bracelet
Gold Bracelet
Silver Belt
Gold Belt
Silver Broach
Gold Broach
Silver Earrings
Gold Earrings
Scroll of Mining
Scroll of Smithing
Scroll of Agriculture
Scroll of Felling
Scroll of Carpentry
Scroll of Masonry
Easter Egg 2008
Pumpkin 2008
Commemorative Sword - 1 Year of ToC
Christmas Cracker 2008
Easter Bunny 2009
Damascan Steel Bar
White Steel Bar
Halloween Mask 2009
Commemorative Shield - 2 Years of ToC
Christmas Party Hat 2009
Gold - Low Purity
Gold - Medium Purity
Gold - High Purity
Missing Clue 1 - Broken Arrow
Missing Clue 2 - Piece of Cloth
Missing Clue 3 - Half eaten Easter Egg
Missing Clue 4 - Necklace
Missing Clue 5 - Horse Whip
Missing Clue 6 - Death note
Itching Powder
Scroll of Combat [Refill]
Easter Candle 2010
The Pumpkin Jewel (2010)
Golden Snowball 2010
Commemorative Chalice - 3 Years of ToC
Scroll of Fishing
Scroll of Crafting
Christmas Cake 2014
Christmas Jackpot 2014 1st Place
Christmas Jackpot 2014 2nd Place
Christmas Jackpot 2014 3rd Place